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A For-Profit Social Enterprise positively disrupting the GIVING Space by providing full transparency while ensuring every touch-point wins more than they put in! and collaboration is KEY!

Everybody wins more than they put in


The Charity Model Is Broken:

Like many great stories, RTG Group was created through a burning desire to leave a legacy combined with the frustration of the current reality. Hundreds of Billions of dollars are given to Charities and Non-Profits in America every year, yet the problems persist, often actually worsening. These Organizations have wonderful intentions, but the model is broken, and until that changes, many of these challenges will remain with us.

Our Model:

Introducing RTG Group USA Inc., a For-Profit Social Enterprise focused on making a positive impact in the world through a disruptive model focused on building sustainable, transparent and innovative programs ensuring everyone wins more than they put in. In other words...welcome to the Future of Giving!

Our primary focus is ENDING HUNGER in America, starting with the 17+ Million Children facing food insecurities on a daily basis. Understanding the current model of "begging for money" is flawed, we created a model that provides full transparency while ensuring everyone wins more they put in. Addressing this guarantees sustainability.

Our 4 Step Program:

  1. A person buys 30 Optimeals - Non-GMO, Organic Meals for $39.70
  2. We manufacture these meals through Third Party Partnerships and deliver them to our Charity Partners in the Purchasers name
  3. The Charity sends the Purchase the Tax Receipt for $39.70 and distributes the food to those in need
  4. The Purchaser then has full access to the RTG Perks App with over 300,000 Vendors saving more than it costs to buy the food




The Younger Generations are demanding transparency around their GIVING, and they want to know "what's in it for them." Our model is customized to address these two issues and create true sustainability; after all, why would anyone stop feeding if we make sure they are winning more than they are putting in?

Next is the true "Secret Sauce" to our business model, and that involves our Customized Programs that are ALL built around collaboration. Typically you don't see a lot of collaboration in the Charity World which, of course, is understandable as everyone is chasing the same Grant and Donor money. Every one of our Programs is built around collaboration, and by ensuring everyone wins more than they put in, we guarantee full cooperation.


We target areas that we know need "help," and we create innovative Programs to deliver for all Parties. For example, NEXT CHAPTER is a Program currently in development that will focus on the Veterans and get them proper education and knowledge on creating the "NEXT CHAPTER" in their lives. Including feeding children not only delivers an element of HOPE but it provides ongoing Funding, which makes the Program self-sustainable and void of relying on Grants or hand-outs of any nature.

Another Program called REDEFINING HUMANITY is targeting the massive Online Influencer Space. This is a massive opportunity and one of the fastest-growing areas today. Through our strategy of everyone winning, our Programs allow Influencers to earn money while building a stronger emotional connection to their Brand and increasing engagement with their Followers. This Program will feed Millions of people.

Our model is disruptive but in a positive way. By partnering with RTG Group, everyone wins more than they put in, and THAT is a great way to solve serious problems truly!!!

Use of Proceeds

Aside from the typical Human Capital requirements needed to Scale each new Program created and launched, we develop technology for each new Program we create that requires both a Platform and App. Upcoming Programs like DAAT APP and NEXT CHAPTER are just two examples. Then there is the continued development of our Discount App, which will replace The RTG PERKS APP by adding even more Vendors with increased incentives and allow us to GO GLOBAL! This is a critical component of our long-term strategy.

Ownership Structure & Rights of Securities

RTG Group USA Inc. was founded by Stephen A. Clarke, the current CEO, who at the moment owns 100% of shares.

Risks & Disclosures

This page is meant to evaluate investors' interest in our offering pursuant to Rule 206 of Regulation Crowdfunding (Testing-The-Waters).

(1) no money or other consideration is being solicited at this stage, and if sent, will not be accepted;

(2) no offer to buy the securities can be accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received until the offering statement is filed with the SEC;

(3) your indication of interest, and the amount of securities you "reserve" is non-binding.

Furthermore, we understand that each business has its risks. However, our team works hard on risk mitigation. Knowing that more than 50 million people encounter food insecurities daily encourages us to create more programs, find new partners, and attract more customers. Currently, our only weakness is not receiving so much needed funding to scale at the level we should and need to be producing. Additionally, our projections are built on the most conservative scenarios. However, even this approach demonstrates how likely it is achievable to feed 20 million people per month and generate revenue of more than $9 billion annually in five years. 

Meet the RTG Group USA Inc. team

Stephen Clarke

Stephen "business career" began at 19 years old when he signed his first professional hockey contract. After playing professional for 5 years a career ending knee injury forced him to decide, as he likes to say his "Next Chapter" which turned out to be Advertising. He spent the next 25 years in the Advertising Industry ending his career after selling his Agency and working at Saatchi and Saatchi. After a very brief Retirement Stephen returned to work to make his mark in the GIVING Space.

Partner & Special Consultant to the CEO
Richard (Dick) Olsen

A Legend in the Advertising World, Dick has worked with iconic Brands like Toyota, P&G and Wendy's to name a few and lead the Team that developed the memorable "Where's the Beef" Commercial. He is happily married for over 30 year, the Father of 2 beautiful girls who are both in the Ad Industry and lives in Connecticut. Dick is, an avid Sailor with a brilliant strategic mind.


Like any Start-Up we rely on projections however with ours we already have Agreements in place to back our numbers up. (see document section) Our primary key performance indicator is how many people we feed per month. This KPI will demonstrate how successfully we fight hunger and how significant the social impact that we create. Our 3-year conservative projections indicate in 3 years time we will be feeding 250,000 people per Month and through Redefining Humanity alone we could exceed this number with 1 Influencer. 




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